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tv   [untitled]    December 12, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PST

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call line item 4 d or b >> occ director's report and review of recent activities and the comprehensive statistical report for january one through january emphasizing and the mediation of complaint and adjudication of sustained complaints in 2013. >> good evening director hicks and good evening, members of the audience. you have the reports in your paycheck but in fwreef through november 2013, the okay occ received cases through 2012 when the occ received 6 hundred and
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unnecessary cases but closed 5 hundred and 32. we sustained 48 cases as of november 30th of this year we had pending case down as of the same time period in 2012 >> moving to cases that were mediated in november of 2013 the occ mediated 3 cases and that compares to 4 that were mediated in november nevada. between january 2012 and january 20, 1354, cases were mediated down if 58. move to adjudication of sustained complaint.
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chief suhr a.d. juktd occ cases where i determined sustainable allegation and encompassed discipline as follows:. one case was for a neglected doubt involved a traffic stop for failure to have license plate the officer wrong flu searched the trunk and failed to collect traffic data and received a republic manned >> the officer was the passenger in a marked impractical patrol vehicle go who yelled at a cyclist and used harsh and pronounce language there was a witness unrelated to
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the cyclist who was an attorney for the justification and collaborated the incident. the partner didn't see what happened but saw the officer push the cyclist. discipline was imposed. there was sustained duty will the officer failed to give a report as required by the general order and that this was because the officer was trart a female and the officer was admonished. another case where we standard unwarranted action in in relation of duty altercation and the officer inlawfullyly seized
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property address reviewed to give the owner a property receipt and co- that milking the property with the co- complainants property the officer was admonished. another case a sustained doubt obligation the officer was admonished. in the case of discredit an officer was aggressive and demeaning to a man having a non-psych emergency and that's where the insufficient everyday the officer was admonished. another case resolving the officer reviewed to collect traffic data and the office was
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retrained. and an officer gave the landlord wrong voices and the officer was admonished and any trained he said after giving that advise did go back and said it was incorrect advise. that concludes my report >> on the bicyclist case i asked for a followup interview and was wanting more clarity so i didn't have a choice but to find insufficient evidence. >> the occ rules prevented the follow-up interview. >> probably more appropriately be discussed in closed session
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should the commission wish to do so but the occ provided the officer with a preliminary finding and this was an incidents where the follow-up spoof was not about the evidence before the cohesive it was about whether or not the officer was lying. and so there was a suggestion by internal faifrz description of to bring up a altercation that the officer was lying and bring the officer back in and ask the officer whether or not he had a different thought about his denial. so - >> commissioner commissioner
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chan. >> thank you. i've noticed in the previous reports the majority reports theirs admonishment and not a suspension. i'm wondering in the progressive policy and practices are those cases and other cases getting any specifics is it the first time offense >> yes. the first time offense our for all. >> so the second time. >> that's a republic manned. >> for instance, there was a case that was a first offense started with a republic manned. >> thank you. >> commissioner loftus.
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>> well director hicks it seems i was left unclear if there's follow-up especially talking about an officer lying is there vocation into that i wonder if there's follow-up for something we can besides better about the process to make sure it didn't get dropped. >> commissioner loftus nothing was dropped nicole this was a endearment over the sufficiency of the evidence that was presented and in this instance the officer had been asked whether or not that officer said those words to the clairvoyant the officer denied. it was our determination that probation officer to bring him back in and say where you lying
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was not going to resolve additional evidence except he would deny. he was saying that in his original interview and now, when you ask is there an opportunity to do additional interviewing or gather additional evidence once we've made a determination jefferson once we've made a determination that's takes into account the determination, however, there are instances where the officer or the complainant asked for a hearing and indicates there's additional evidence we will reopen the investigation >> okay. but not nicole.
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>> we determined in this case it wouldn't be fruitful and we didn't agree. >> thank you. >> all right. call like that item 4 c as commissioners report. >> i want to report that both commissioner caan and i meet r with commissioner mahoney and went over the lack of compliance with the officers and we moot with officer brown and went over our interim rules. we're down to very, very if you patrol specialize two handfuls and trying to bring the program into contains and who owns what beat and what beat is still active.
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this has come up because a serious lack of compliance and that's not good for public safety or trust and the patrols are 0 unique. officer brown is amp - we'll meet with the lead patrol person and have this on calendar in the beginning of march and the rule changes are knowing who's working in the appropriate uniforms to that other compliance to who owns the beat and so there's no confusion change the uniforms inform to the same ones the sheriff's department is wearing and thank
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you, officer brown >> so march 5 we're looking at those rules and potentially adapting them. i do want to second that officer brown is excellent very excellent and prepared and doing her best to bring the patrol into a compliance. there's a limit to what you can do but officer brown is incredible. i've met with a lot of sfpd leads and she's the best i've seen i'm impressed >> commissioners any other things you want to announce? please call line item 4 d ash commissioner considers of the future commissioner meetings action. >> anything to announce
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inspector monroe. the joint meeting with the board of supervisors public safety will be has l there been a time change it's 5:00 p.m. to 7 and that's january 14, 2014, i'll send out reminderers >> commissioner loftus yes president mazzucco one other item we is had a meeting in may the way the crime lab and the special crime lab was handling as a result as a result kits there's some additional data and finding they've made. yes, of course, unusually i'm not known to be quote. so maybe we could find some time to address that issue of the
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sexual as a result cases >> do you have a date for that. >> i would ask the inspector no january i don't know if we're over booked. >> we could do it in january. >> that works. >> february 22nd. >> not the third. >> let me check briefly which when do we have the officer for the broefg when is that i want to see that in february. >> that's been come up and issues popping up with professors to new york with
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social media and including issues in our own department. we're working on that i've been patient for 78 most now not that i ever get impatient >> commissioner chan. i want to bring up i've heard that on our first meeting on january 8th there is a report about the dj organization country access and we get an annual report so we should put that on the radar screen in case the public wants to hear there that >> the eight of january. >> commissioner turman. i want to make sure the secretary is aware of the scheduled and the items that are
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already calendared. i understand the importance of all issues we're discussing but we need to be mindful of the scheduled. the department has anonymous just the duty to report issues back to the committee the occ has other obligations in reporting book to the commission and the commissioners need to be mindful of the calendar so we're going to look to you to remind us when near stacking the calendar two heavy to report back. not saying anything about the context of the issues but be mindful of the concealed that's all i'm saying. >> thank you. i agree any public comment regarding those items?
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>> commissioners good evening once again. i would like to bring up which i saw in the papers that the police department was expanding and exploding payroll and pension have talked about bringing in more private or reserve officers by expanding the program. i've talked to the special police officers it turned in 1995 there were upwards of 2 hundred and 50 before the po a started pushing the police department to expand the payroll. in order to contain the budget and the costs it won't be advisable to expand both the private refers police officers which are very well trained and
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the special police which are not as specially trained or paid but doing the regular jobs the police officers don't do like in outer parts of the city not the tenderloin but over time looking at the payroll. i looked at the payroll in 2000 it was 2 hundred million and now power 4 hundred million. that can't continue and officers in and out of the program officers with pensions that are going up everyday and we have the pension in the fire department and police department that province to that they wanted to know how the police officers pension could leap 38 percent in 5 years.
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i'd like to know how that heaped too but how can that continue. we're within constraint and if you look at the average problems in the city of san francisco with the growing bags the homeless and the high tech companies moving in we've got the rhythm of the rich and the poor and now it turnout the police officers at large are being paid according to the papers almost 3 times the average wage in san francisco. when you get a ticket and certification from the police officer you know he's making 3 times what the average sense is. i want to discussion on bringing in police officers and special police and why they're making 38
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percent of the money >> passerby cleave. >> police officers pefrgs or pension are not going up 38 percent i can talk to mr. lawrence after. things that are in the paper 5r7b9 also - let me finish >> and as far as expanding of the payroll when i spoke to the refer program the refers are unpaipd paid if retire members want to come back it's a tough time 80 for staffing we would like to augment staffing but the officers had to retire but main can still add value and some officers want to take advantage
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of that and those are private contractors that are not countered against any city dollars. >> mr. thank you, your honor man. >> actually, the cohesive addressed dh what i was going to address. i'll say that this it is our responsibility inform enforce the rules of this commission that's what i'm talking about rules. and i'm making comment on any one content but at the same time it's also our job to correct misinformation. and this is being broadcast all over san francisco but i need not do that because the chief did that. please call line item 5 please. discussion and possible action to remind the board of supervisors approve the donation of 10 defibrillator last year's
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from that from john for the tenderloin station. action. thank you. we have captain make his way to the podium >> good evening champion cheri's. >> good evening, members of the plod and public. i'm the commanding officer of the police department. their here to make a request to accept an automatic matted defibrillator latter from john of the historic john's grill located in the tenderloin police district 63 ellis. john is very involved in the tenderloin and is the co-chair of the turned out police station community viruses board.
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the a e ds have an stems of 20 thousand if that p i could add to this there's cardiac arrests that occur if you can get an a u d to a victim you can certainly sustain that life coupled with the fire department can get there. more often is the katsz we're the first responder on scene before the fire department and obviously they're the processes that will get them to the hospital but if we have this excise we can save lives where we're trying to get 50 of those a u ds and get them into police cars. mr. constant condition is in the tenderloin. we believe that the tenderloin was one of the less likely
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neighborhoods get a donation but we thought it prudent that there is an underserved at risk older population maybe indeed immediate response and a lot of them are pedestrian about the tenderloin so with that we thought it was a good idea and ask your prescription to go to the board to approve the duo nation. chief and commissioner, i want to say on december leveling at 1129 in the a.m. american people elderly person went down with a cardiac incident and we had two members of our muni task force a member of 20ir7b9d station and a saw the man guarantee go down
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they performed crp and the man came in and out with a pulse they put an a u d on the victim and transported him to the hospital he did expire but this let's say the want that the san francisco police officers are first on scene and left with the assistance and i know the a u ds will approve important >> first of all, i want to thank the grill for their commitment in the city and county. the commissioner jan and i were wondering we should know this but i'll leave to chief.
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assuming we have this type of equipment in the station we have the proper training >> yes. the training goes with the ad yes. >> and we are not to use it on each other and a but most of them get the training. >> they get it with the ad. >> thank you john's grill. that i want you spoke about one of the people in my firm was so impressed with the sfpd but the man did pass away. this is a great gift. this maples now we can have tasers. just kidding >> (laughter). >> so is there any public comment regarding this for we vote before we accept this
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incredible, incredible gift. >> i move we approve this donation. >> all in favor, say i. >> and thank you, captain. >> thank you. >> okay. so we've taken resign item 6 and 7 go to line item 8. >> all public comment closed session including vote to hold item 10 t in closed session. the position litigation those matters are confidential and item 9 and vote to hold itemses.
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as department turman we are back in open sessions and okay. can you call the next line item >> vote to elect to disclose any item in the san francisco administrative code 12 point a. >> i move not to close. >> i all in favor. >> i. thank you all offered. mr. secretary >> item 12. adjournment. once again members of commission and public we're john sharp together meeting in honor of star 2124 who started with the at the present time, in 1981 he
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worked aliens at central and speech operation and gang task force and the domestic violence staff unit and public fisherman's wharf foyers. on november 28th he was promoted and retire the department after 29 years of serve lieutenant passed away on december 1st, 2013, he will be greatly missed terry thank you lieutenant givenz for your faith service. i have a motion for adjournment >> all in favor, say i. we're adjourned.
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everybody. >> all right. good morning. thank you all for coming out today i'm ed reiskin i'm the director of transportation in san francisco. i appreciate you all coming out. what we're here to talk about is safety. about a year and a half ago the board of supervisors adapted a strategic plan identifying transportation safety as the number one goal for the 6 years of the strategic plan and that will continue to be our


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